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Benefits of Cranium CoRE

Cranium CoRE teaches a life long learning skill that will aide the members of our community no matter what curriculum or job they pursue. Our processes creates a meta-cognitive discussion with students to defend the answers and prove them contextually with an open book.

  • H.O.T Questions (higher order thinking)
  • Conversation leads to better comprehension more...
  • Collaboration and teamwork more...
  • Read aloud/along more...
  • Improved Tests Scores more...
  • Teacher Satisfaction more...

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Still not convinced that Cranium CoRE is right for you? We encourage you to browse this website and watch our videos to get a better understanding of how to use Cranium CoRE with your kids. Create a free account and see how our Web 2.0 Community of Reading Engagement builds students skills in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

We have created a virtual community of teachers, students and parents who not only use our methods to engage readers, but also to compose their own games for the sake of improving language skills, especially reading comprehension.

Cranium CoRE is a cross-curricular solution to this challenge at both the elementary & secondary level. The focus of this process is discussion. The higher order thinking questions used in this method are a springboard for thematic conversation leading to improved comprehension skills. The goal is to have our students think independently at times. It is also a goal to show them how to be interdependent, collaborative learners.

The Process used with our Cranium CoRE methodology includes, in this sequence: 

The language skills involved with this process; reading, writing, speaking and listening, are about THINKING. You improve these skills by doing them! The challenge for all educators is how to motivate students to make practicing these skills as enjoyable as other things students do for fun (i.e., video games, the Internet, Game Boys, etc.).

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Interactiv 2012

Andy Larson was the keynote speaker at Interactiv 2012 in beautiful Williams Bay, WI. Here are his Keynote Slides (pdf) and his Warmup Slides of Quotes (pdf). Are you interested in having Andy speak at your event or do a presentation at your school?