Authors of many popular books have caught on to the Cranium CoRE method. Here are a few that we have met with in person:

Shelley Fraser Mickle

Tim Green

Shelley Fraser Mickle - Wild Onion Press

Shelley Fraser Mickle is different. She writes about children with differences! Her stories are captivating and help students understand it is OK to be different. Shelley is also a self-published author and owns Wild Onion Press, her publishing company. She had polio as a child and her memoirs of this are an inspiration to any who will read about it in her book The Polio Hole. Visit her website for more information about her books.

 Andy and Shelley Fraser Mickle

Tim Green - Football Genius

Andy met author Tim Green at a recent event. Andy shared stories of how Tim's book effected young students through the Cranium CoRE process.

 Andy and Tim Green

Read more about Tim's book the Football Genius and others book here.