Game Play

This is typically the favorite part of this process and is the hinge between reading aloud/along and discussion.  It is the game play that really engages the students and has stimulated those who have never read a book from cover to cover to do just that.

Our Web 2.0 design uses specially adapted radio frequency (RF) transmitters that do not require any software on the computer.  Since we do not emphasize Cranium CoRE as an individual assessment tool, we have kept away from using these RF transmitters as individual devices utilized per student.  Our system uses a maximum of ten Side Keys transmitters with four (4) keys used per transmitter.  No conversion software is needed to convert hundreds of keystrokes into unique signals.  It is a much more elegant design and technologically much easier to plug and play wherever you have Internet access.

Teamwork is the key to this model being a much better method to develop stronger social skills like communicating well and conflict resolution in a competitive arena.  Sounds true to life, does it not?

You will observe improvement in these social skills rather quickly because of the practice and the positive peer pressure exerted.  Not only do students read ahead to insure they don’t let their teammates down, they also become very adept at working more smoothly together. It is commonly known among experienced Cranium CoRE members that it isn’t always the team that knows the most that scores the highest.  It is often the team that works together the best that scores the most.  This is an important life long learning skill witnessed every day in sports but not as often in the classroom.