Cranium CoRE is a product of Thinkersize, LLC co-founded by Andy Larson and RJ Lindelof

 Andy Larson - Founder and President

Thinkersize is the brainchild of Andy, an education evangelist for over 25 years. Andy is a pioneer in educational gaming and the next generation of learning tools. He is responsible for forging strategic partnerships and alliances to drive Thinkersize's growth, product sales, marketing, and of course the ultimate direction of Thinkersize. Andy helps plot the company's focus and direction juggling where to invest development resources, how to enhance the user experience, and figuring the best way to explain Cranium CoRE to the public. Andy has a mission to create significant value in the growing online educational market. Andy is available for speaking engagements, such as keynote addresses, conference sessions, district meetings and classroom presentations. Find out how to get Andy to Speak at your conference or inservice.

Andy Larson was trained to be an educator at Southern Illinois University.  His major accomplishments include being the co-founder and idea generator for what has become the largest school library automation company in the world. He brings an interesting mix of love for books, technological awareness, enthusiasm that abounds and a never-say-die attitude to create an infectious will to make a difference in the lives of those he touches. Andy has spent hundreds hours in classrooms over thirteen years across the country fine tuning the methods and strategies you will experience within Cranium CoRE.  He welcomes your membership and involvement to change (rock) our educational world one child at a time. His welcoming thought for all to hear is elegantly simple, “Let’s teach them how to think and have some fun with them while we are at it!!”. Read about how Andy's father influenced his passion.

RJ Lindelof - Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

RJ has been active in the software development industry since 1993. In 1996 he branched out and founded a successful internet software company focusing on utility, automation and novelty software. In 2000 he created a brand of novelty products, several successful online stores and a even startup advertising company. After surviving the dot-boom (or bankruptcy of many online companies), he focused his efforts on his award winning cd-automation software,  custom software development with consulting, website hosting, and other internet services. Owning and maintaining over 100 different web entities, RJ knows and understands trends. With Web 2.0 the internet was turned around and the shift was made to rich client side applications. This is when the idea for Cranium CoRE was born. RJ took a 15 year old, installed product and revolutionized it on the internet, adding the power of the community.

As CTO, RJ is responsible for the software development, quality assurance, technical delivery and maintenance of Cranium CoRE. In addition to his technical abilities, he also acts as the visionary for the future of Thinkersize, LLC. RJ was instrumental in architecting, designing, and building the Cranium CoRE service, and was critical in helping the service grow and scale. RJ's experience and leadership through multiple generations across many platforms and product lines add significant value to the management team and reduces the overall technical risks.

Andy and RJ have been friends and colleagues for over 25 years. They have the perfect mix of skills to facilitate the product that is Cranium CoRE. What you will find on this website are the best aspects of Web 2.0 and Educational Gaming and the product of years of thought, imagination and innovation.  Welcome to CraniumCoRE.com


Company Mission Statement:  To help create an experience where reading, writing, speaking and listening skill development are engaging, collaborative and FUN.

Company Vision: More people will love to read for the sheer enjoyment it brings them.