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We offer two different types of memberships, a free membership and a premium membership.  The free membership is limited to playing up to fifty 1 or 2 player games on the keyboard.  Try it out, its free.  Below is a comparison of the features for each membership type.

Please keep in mind, for the collaborative classroom use model, you will need one computer in the classroom with a projector and screen for all the team players to see the game board. Optionally a set of speakers for the game sounds. If you have strong wifi in your school and have devices that are connected, you can download our free app for Apple or Google to have your students use devices to play a remote game. Students can also play using any computer browser (laptop, netbook, chromebook).


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Game plays (number of times you can play games) Limit of 25 Unlimited
Number of players 1 or 2 player games Up to 10 teams
Remote Controls Keyboard, iOS app, Android app, browser iOS app, Android app, browser
Free updates to new games on popular literature created by our staff and the community Included! Included!
Online training and best practices for using Cranium CoRE Included! Included!
Sub-accounts for other users at your site No Included!
Create your own games to play No Included!

Participation in Cranium CoRE community (comment, rate, share)

No Included!