Robert Marzano

Robert Marzano's Infographic

Robert Marzano's Infographic

Cranium CoRE and the Marzano Art and Science of Teaching Framework

This document looks at all 41 elements of Domain I: Classroom Strategies and Behaviors to align them with Cranium CoRE methods and strategies. It has proven to be a practical, successful approach for teachers who are going to be evaluated based on Marzano's teacher evaluation rubric and are looking for ways to use technology and receive a great evaluation.

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Robert Marzano and Cranium CoRE

In the last few weeks this past summer, three different large school districts have all indicated to us they follow Robert Marzano's lead on things from classroom strategies to evaluation criteria.  Two of the three districts have seen Cranium CoRE in a classroom setting and mentioned that Cranium CoRE adheres very well to Marzano's teaching.  The third district is too new to Cranium CoRE to make the connection yet, but, we feel confident they will see it also once exposed to it in a classroom.

One of these school district's administrators went as far as composing a document to make the connection between Marzano and Cranium CoRE to distribute to those interested in making a difference using cutting edge technology.  That is what you will see here under the heading of "Talking Points."

The goal was to take two very involved, multi-layered sets of instruction for best practices within a classroom and connect the two in a simplified way where the two meet synergistically. Based on what we have heard so far, this document helps accomplish that goal.  We hope it helps you.  There are more connections than those listed, but, this is a good start, thanks to this administrator who saw the benefits of connecting the two.

Download our Cranium CoRE Talking Points