If any educator thinks it is a challenge to entice a student to willingly and joyfully read, they most likely understand it is commonly even more of a challenge to have them willingly and joyfully write.  Agreed? 

Of all the great enticements Cranium CoRE brings to the table of education, this part of the process holds the greatest potential, for the teachers and the students alike.  Just ask any reluctant writer, say a teenage boy, if they like video games or TV game shows.  The answer, not surprisingly, is usually “Yes.”  Then ask them what interests them.  That might be a difficult question to answer for some students.  If it is a boy, it might be framed about sports they like, as an example of a direction to head.  The bottom line is this:  Everyone has something of interest in their lives.   Finding it is often the key to a more successful educational approach to their heart with reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Please stay with the logic flow here and you should see the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.  Now, once you find the interest, ask this same student if they would like to produce a TV style video game for their friends to play to test them on the topic.  The answer to this is most often a skeptical, “Sure, but, how would I do that?” 

Enter Cranium CoRE.  This game show production capability within Cranium CoRE is so elegantly easy it invites even the most reluctant writer to give it a try.  The thrill associated with having other people play a game you made is so alluring that it is difficult to deny.  Think about some student across the country playing your game and how that would feel?  That is what this virtual community is all about.

Typically, students who have experienced the game playing within Cranium CoRE will actively and willingly attempt to compose questions for even a piece of literature as a beginning effort at Cranium CoRE game production.  This effort, as with the game playing itself, can be a good platform for collaboration.  A teacher could assign sections of a book for each team to compose questions and then play their games to see whose questions were the best.

For the sake of those who would like to know the process we have used to create the questions we have composed over the years, there is a tutorial built into our Cranium CoRE subscription member's website.

Let your mind wander and you will see the limitless nature of where this could quickly take even our most reluctant students.