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Cranium CoRE is licensed on a per school basis. That means if you have 5 schools that would like to participate in our community, you would need 5 annual Cranium CoRE memberships, one for each school . Once a site has a license, they are entitled to associate an unlimited number of members for that site. For example all of the teachers in that physical location could have a membership under one schools account.

Premium Membership is based on the enrollment of your school. Review the pricing below:

Enrollment under 499 is $349/annually
Enrollment of 500-999 is $399/annually
Enrollment of 1,000-1,499 is $449/annually
Enrollment of 1,500-1,999 is $499/annually
Enrollment of 2,000 or more is $549/annually

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Cranium CoRE works with the keyboard, for one or two players or with our SideKeys Keypads. We support up to 10 SideKeys for maximum game play. More information on the SideKeys Keypads.  The gameshow host remote is not required, but allows the gameshow host to pause and play the game while away from the computer. Please Note: There is a $30 fee for shipping and handling for SideKeys orders.

SideKey Systems - $30 shipping/handling
Add a Gameshow Host remote for only $99! (not required)
2 player system
(includes 2 SideKeys and USB Receiver)
4 player system
(includes 4 SideKeys and USB Receiver)
6 player system
(includes 6 SideKeys and USB Receiver)
8 player system
(includes 8 SideKeys and USB Receiver)
10 player system
(includes 10 SideKeys and USB Receiver)
Shipping and Handling $30

Cranium CoRE is a 100% browser based, Web 2.0 application using the latest technologies. You are only required to have an internet connection and a browser.  Please review our browser requirements.