Research Summary

There are multiple layers of educational best practices embedded within the Cranium CoRE methodology. The TV game show format is an alluring interface that entices students to participate in the process. When you peel back the layers of this process you will find it is more than a "game."

The Cranium CoRE Research Summary document provides support to those of you wishing to see the research behind the best practices upon which Cranium CoRE is based. These best practices are a sampling of many we could list. We chose to limit these to the top references.

The Cranium CoRE Research Summary will be beneficial to peruse before you view some of the video clips on our website. This research framework will help these best practice methods stand out a bit more as you watch and listen. The best way to really appreciate Cranium CoRE's unique combination of all these best practice layers is to see it in action. Please contact us to help facilitate that.

Download our Cranium CoRE Research Summary