SideKeys Keypads

SideKeys Keypads

The SideKeys Keypads engage all participants in the classroom and enhance the CraniumCoRE game play. CraniumCoRE supports up to 10 total keypads, we encourage 3 people per team. Using the keypads develops teamwork and taps into the energy of healthy competition!  Click here to see them up close.

Keypad Features ( Pricing ):

  • Keypads can simultaneously input to one computer
  • Instant response time to the computer
  • Teachers's remote keypad is included pause game feature
  • Easy to connect, transfer from one computer to another
  • Black carrying briefcase included
  • Patented RF-Wireless design
  • Keypads use radio frequency, with no line-of-sight limitations
  • Keypads have a range of up to 100 feet
  • Keypads have a low battery, transmit indication
  • Sleep mode to preserve battery life
  • FCC approved units, no Site approval needed

USB SideKeys Receiver ( Pricing ):

  • Easy to connect, transfer from one computer to another
  • USB Technology
  • Visual LED light indicators
  • Keypad low battery warning light
  • Patented RF-Wireless design
  • Multiple receivers can be operated in same building
  • FCC approved, no Site approval needed
  • No Software to install, plug one cable into the computer, automatic hardware recognition
  • Receiver works on both Mac and PC/Windows USB operating systems
  • System requirements for USB Receiver

Photos of the SideKeys:

Below are photos of the SideKeys Keypads used with CraniumCoRE. They come in an easy to carry case, alone with a USB 2.0 cable and manual. Click on any image below to see more detail.